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Sex may be a taboo topic but issues in the bedroom can wreak havoc in our relationships. Most people that experience these issues don't initially contact a therapist but there is a strong link between our thoughts and physical functions. When clients come in with this type of concern, a sex therapist will typically have them see a specialist to see if there are any contributing physical components. Performance and desire issues, however, can be successfully treated with psychoeducation and working on the relationship. If you are wondering if you should seek help, ask yourself if there is something about your sexual life that you are unhappy with. If you or your partner is unhappy due to pain, lack of intimacy, lack of desire, distressing thoughts or actions, or any other reason then it is enough to seek improvement.

Although not all therapists need to be trained in sex therapy to work with the LBGTQIA+ or poly/kink communities, it does provide additional information that can be useful without the need to refer out. Examples of this include common physical issues that link to aging, how to navigate engaging in sex with partners in transition, providing sexual education for clients to practice safe sex and communicate their needs positively with their partners. Jodie has worked with many people both individually and within their relationship who identify with one or multiple of these gender or sexual identities.

Jodie continues to receive training at the American Association of Couples and Sex Therapists (AACAST) and The Beuhler Institute, and has attended various seminars and trainings on related topics.

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