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If you are interested in setting up a 15 minute consultation, please schedule one using the "Request Appointment" button below or call/email and leave your name and contact information. Please be aware that although the consultation is free, your payment information is needed to schedule it and you will only be charged if you don't cancel or don't show up. The fee for missing the consultation is $50 and you will not be able to reschedule a consultation for free. This tends to minimize the number of cancellations and helps you get your needs met quicker!

                 Tel: 661-772-9784                                                                   Email: hello@pillowtalktherapy.com

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Jodie Shea, LMFT # 113965

Pillow Talk Therapy

Services available in California

Tel: 661-772-9784 Email: hello@pillowtalktherapy.com

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