Pillow Talk Therapy




Appointment times available: 

Tuesdays 10am to 5pm

Wednesdays 10am to 5pm

Alternate appointments may be available for extended sessions.

Appointment rates are $150 for 45 minute sessions, $200 for 60 minutes, $250 for 75 minute sessions, and $300 for 90 minute sessions.


We do not accept insurance but are more than happy to discuss your options and find the right fit for you. Feel free to check with your insurance to see if they offer out-of-network benefits if you are looking for a specialized type of treatment. We are able to provide documentation if you would like to attempt to receive insurance reimbursement. Please keep in mind that most insurances do not cover couple and sex therapy.

Jodie Shea, LMFT # 113965

Pillow Talk Therapy

Services available in California

Tel: 661-772-9784 Email: hello@pillowtalktherapy.com

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